PIVOT for Operating Rooms

O.R. Integration

PRIME365 O.R. Integration can aggregate, combine, and deliver digital data or content related to a patient, process or medical device-anytime and anywhere inside a hospital.

Powered by PRIME365, caresyntax (Cx) provides a powerful suite of productivity applications to boost workflow. The 8 flexible modules constituting the suite can be adapted to the hospital infrastructure, existing and new technologies, and the workitow of discrete teams

CX Modules​
CX·STUDIO – Recording & Archival, CX·DIRECT – Routing & Device control, CX·SHARE - Telemedicine, CX·LINK - Integration to HIS & PACS, CX·3RD PARTY – integration of 3rd party apps, CX·IQ - intelligent analysis of data, CX·GUARD - proactive monitoring of integrated medical or health IT systems

Anesthesia Charting

OR. Care is an electronic recording and reporting system that automatically provides anaesthesia reports combining operating room administrative data with patient's real time physiology collected from bedside devices such as ventilators, syringe pumps, vital signs monitors. This data is collected in a centralised repository via a hub, from where it can be fed into the EMR for recording and reviewing in context of a patient's history

PIVOT for Intensive Care Units

ICU Charting

ICU Care is a complete solution for hospital intensive care units. It incorporates a proprietary, real-time medical device integration engine that feeds data for analysis and comprehensive electronic medical recording

  • Covers all critical care operations, including whiteboard management, clinical charting, domain specific scores and clinical documentation
  • Provides clinical and administrative insights by drawing on performance trends
  • Flexible and easy-to-configure to suit specific unit workflows, including adult, paediatric, neonatal, cardiovascular and other specialist intensive care settings.

PIVOT for RFID asset tracking

RFID applications

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that uses embedded microelectronic tags to enable automatic and unambiguous identification of assets.

Pivot provides customizable, end-to-end RFID solutions including hardware, software and after-sales support.